Amazing value and simplicity for sharing
HD video to many displays

Our flagship product. 1080p, 1080i performance. All inputs buffered / looped. Analog audio, RS-232 control

VGA and Component inputs. Up to 1080p video encoding. Front panel configuration. Rack Mountable.

Our top seller. VGA and Component inputs, great for digital signage. Up to 720p video encoding. Front panel configuration. Rack Mountable.

Component video input and 720p performance in a shelf-top package.

Broadcast Digital Signage and HD Video Over Coax Cabling

ZeeVee has shattered the cost and deployment barriers for HD video distribution within airports, restaurants, bars, hotels, schools, hospitals, and everywhere else digital signage or high quality video is shown.

How? By employing the same HDTV broadcasting technology used by television and cable companies, and adapting it for on-premise use.

An HD encoder / RF modulator, ZvBox®; turns the output of a VGA or HD source into an HDTV cable channel and broadcasts it over coax cabling to all connected HDTVs. To view the HD source, simply tune in the Zv channel at any HDTV. ZvBoxes start at under $1,000…for a technology that formerly cost $10,000-$25,000 per channel!

We call it PremiseHD™.

Key Benefits of Coax:

  • Proven method: cable companies light up entire cities with it
  • One wire delivers well over 100 channels!
  • No limit to the number of displays that can be connected
  • Already in place in vast majority of buildings
  • Easy to deploy and expand coax systems using simple hand tools
  • System parts (splitters, amps, etc.) inexpensive and widely available
  • Connects to off-the-shelf HDTVs without additional decoder boxes at each TV